We at Gregory’s Fitness guarantee that you can exercise any time during our business hours without having to wait to use equipment.  This is one of the key reasons we have successfully operated as a business for 38 years.

Your initial exercise program as a member or a bulk sessions card holder will be supervised by a qualified and experienced personal trainer, not just your first program but each of the new programs that follow.


Based on a once off upfront payment:

Membership DurationMembership TitleCost
1   Month** Cardio Only$45
1   MonthFull Membership$80
3   MonthsFull Membership$210
6   MonthsFull Membership$335
12 MonthsFull Membership$520

** Cardio can only be used during supervised hours and use of cardio equipment only.

Direct Debit

DurationMembership TitleWeekly CostTotal Cost
12 MonthsFull Membership$12.95Minimum  $724.00

12 Month Direct Debit has a minimum term of 52 weeks; Establishment Fee of $50.00, a $100 cancellation fee is payable if the contract is ended earlier.  $5 dishonour fee per transaction failure is applicable. If you wish to suspend your payments for 2 weeks or more there is a $20 charge.  This contract expires after the 52 weeks at which time you can renew without paying another establishment fee.

Bulk Sessions Cards

15 Sessions Card$120$8.00 Per Session
30 Sessions Card$210$7.00 Per Session

Sessions Cards carry a one year expiry from date of purchase and can be shared.


CostAge Pension / Secondary Students

For use during supervised hours only.


6 Sessions Card$165.00

By Appointment

We accept Eftpos, MasterCard and Visa


Your membership fee includes ALL new workouts supervised by our qualified trainers for the duration of your membership.  Unlike many gyms, you are not charged extra for any one on one instruction sessions, they are free.  All new workouts, appraisals and advice are included in your membership fee.  We constantly check your progress and continue to teach correct technique in all exercises so you can achieve the best results safely.  
Your trainers have had decades of experience and have competed at an elite level. You are in good hands!